Day 1: Thankful for My Students

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Oh, my 6th graders. You test me on a daily basis. This year has been especially challenging...many of you all full of personality but aren't interested in giving your full efforts. I sometimes spend hours on a week's worth of lesson plans all but to completely change them after teaching 1st hour. I got my first gray hair his year to which I totally attribute to you all.

Despite the challenges you present to me I'm thankful for all 99 of you because you make me love my career choice. Without you there is no me. When you struggle, I struggle. When you experience success because we've worked together my day is made.

Plus you make me laugh. The assignment below was to pack appropriate clothes for a trip to a Latin American city based on the latitude/elevation of the city.

Why yes, your dockers will make you the best dressed in Mexico City.


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