Stop Pinning, Start Doing

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two of my favorite blogs, Young House Love and Bower Power, have issued a challenge, not just any challenge, a Pinterest-inspired challenge!

Image Credit: Katie Bower
I have discussed my love of Pinterest before (here and here) and my Pin boards have continued to grow to over 149 Pins (I know, JV, heck even freshman effort compared to varsity Pinner Sherry at Young House with 744) but I've only gotten to create one thing I have pinned. Basically this is a stop pinning and start doing challenge which I happily accepted.

I chose to create something for my second home, my classroom. I find so many great ideas for classroom decor and teaching at Pinterest, it is freaking fantastic! My classroom is going to look awesome this year partially due to a new paint job but mostly because of Pinterest.

The door to my classroom is nothing special...I tacked up some generic "Welcome" poster when I arrived two years ago and never looked back, so I thought it would be a great place to start. I had seen a whole bunch of crayon inspired gifts, including this wreath.

Image Credit: The Ballard Bunch

 Cute, right? I thought so. So off to Micheal's for a cheapie glue gun, some ribbon, and cute embellishments all of which I scored for under $20, with a gift card and a teacher discount, chyeah!

I also stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up some crayons for .40 cents each and grabbed a foam wreath from the Dollar Tree. Normally, I'd have all this stuff on hand with the exception of the foam wreath but unfortunately all of my crafting supplies are still hanging out in my parents' basement. Bummer. 

I started by wrapping the foam wreath in black ribbon with a little hot glue to hold it together.

And then I hot glued on the crayons and stuck on some glitter letters to make my name. Yep, that easy!

You can't really see it but I used a measuring tape to make a hanger on the back. All in all, cute, colorful, and easy to make. It will look great hanging on my classroom door. And if your wondering (all 5 of my readers) I only used 3 packages of crayons, so the extras that I bought will go straight into my classroom supply.

This was definitely fun and can't wait for future challenges!

If you are making your way over from Bower Power or YHL and like what you see, you should follow my blog or follow me on Pinterest...seriously, it will be nice talking to someone besides myself!

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  1. cute! I think I'll try that as a teacher gift.

  2. O.....M......G...... My daughter is only 9 months old, but I HAVE to remember this and lock it away in the ol' noggin for when she goes to school someday. What an amazing gift for a teacher! If my mom wasn't already retired from teaching, I'd whip one up in a snap for her.

  3. u did an amazing job! I'm now inspired to make this for my daughter's teacher...Mr. B.