"I Love Cape Girardeau!"

Thursday, July 07, 2011

This past weekend was my BF Elyse's 27th birthday so to celebrate we packed up the car and went on a little road trip down to one of Missouri's best cities....Cape Girardeau. At least twice a year, I really get the urge to visit my old college town, there is just something about it that makes me want to take the short 1.5 hour drive and have way too much fun. I don't drink much anymore but Cape brings out the party girl in me...having cocktails at too early of an hour, bar hopping to all our fave places like Bel-Air, Ragsdales, and D'Ladium, taking God-awful shots (I'm sorry D'Ladium girls, but shots have never been your specialty...maybe that is why they are $2), and eating McDonald's with best friends at two in the morning.

Here are some shots of the gang at the start of our adventure. I didn't get to take too many other pics, my hands were full... with beverages.

Throughout the night, I kept yelling, "I love Cape Girardeau!" and it is true. Cape was and is home to  some really great times, unfortunately now as I get older, the day after a visit to the glorious city has me feeling like death. The car ride home from Cape G is always WAY longer than on the way down.

But it was definitely enough to satisfy my jones for my ol' college town...until about October.

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