Tick It Off

Saturday, July 16, 2011

After my lovely list post from earlier this week, I felt like I have made some progress. Isn't fun crossing (or "ticking" as the Brits on our favorite BBC show, TopGear say) items off your list? Having a list always makes me feel more focused and makes things easier to accomplish. Here is what I was able to accomplish so far...

House Stuff

  • Paint the kitchen a yet undetermined color.
  • Paint the maroon kitchen tile border to white or black..still haven't decided.
  • Touch up kitchen baseboards.
  • Find some GD place mats for the dining room table. (I feel like I have looked everywhere!) I took the search out to St. Charles today and found some place mats that weren't available at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond I went to in Brentwood. And I got them on the cheap because the were on clearance...HOLLA!
  • Order this fantastic bedding from West Elm for the bedroom.
  • Curtains..I want  need curtains. Opening and closing a bajillion blinds everyday is beyond annoying. Plus they're hideous.
  • Get a hamper for the laundry room.
  • Buy a BBQ grill and make a fabulous grilled dinner.Again on the cheap because we used a gift card we received at our housewarming party. Can't wait to grill up some dinner!
School Stuff
  • Attend 3 days worth of curriculum revision
  • Supply shopping - markers, colored pencils, desk calendar, air freshener, post-its, and pens.I just couldn't resist buying some supplies that were on sale, 99 cent Crayola markers at Target and some GIGANTIC post its...seriously, there like 8x8..and freaking awesome.
  • Frame this for behind my desk. 
  • Create some other classroom decor...Martha pom-poms and new door hanger.
Me Stuff
  • A haircut is in order. I have been rocking the ponytail with bangs pushed back in a headband for 8 solid weeks now, I doubt that would be considered professional dress... unless I was the gym teacher.
  • New clothes. I have missed going to the mall and buying clothes for myself since purchasing the house. I have saved a little cash to put towards some new back to school gear to coincide with birthday shopping.
  • Lose 5-10lbs. Did I mention I haven't bought new clothes because I currently can't fit into anything I own without an elastic waistband? It might sound backward to not buy bigger clothing but I pretty much refuse.I went to the gym! And ohmygoodness my thighs burn so bad! I took the "Butts and Guts" class up at Club Fitness and I was cursing at myself within 5 minutes but ultimately I do feel better about myself and am looking forward to working out more next week.
  • Turn 26.
  • Read The Help and New Moon Read The Help in 48 hours and it was great. Definitely glad I picked it up.
  • Finish up my two Master's classes
  • Move all my Cricut stuff from parent's house.
 Can't wait to mark off a few more things this coming week!

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