How to Organize Your Classroom Using Vinyl

Friday, August 01, 2014

Disclaimer: I teamed up with Expressions through their Blogger Partnership Program to make my idea come to fruition. All opinions expressed are my own.

It's August. Again.

It seems like it comes faster and faster every year and summer vacation is over in the blink of an eye.

While I'm always sad for my vacation to end, I do get excited for the start of school. New supplies, new students, new ideas - teachers are so lucky to have a fresh start every year. It's a feeling I'll always look forward to.

This year was the first year I didn't completely take everything of all the walls and completely start from scratch.

Best decision of my life.

Besides moving my furniture back into place, it was nice to glance around at the walls and feel that most decoration was done.

But as I started to look a little closer, there was definitely some wear and tear that was beginning to show.

My once pristine supply bin labels were now peeling, marked on, and just plain sad looking. While they probably could have made it through another year, it was time for a change.

I wanted something bold, big, and colorful. The only thing capable of delivering exactly what I needed was VINYL.

How I didn't think of swapping out my mailing labels for vinyl sooner beats me, since I've literally vinyl-ed just about everything in my house - front door, check. Recycle bin, check. Wine glasses, check.

Vinyl is a great way to organize your classroom because it is inexpensive, durable, and colorful.

I used my Silhouette Cameo but any craft cutter could do the job. Even with out a cutter you could print out letters, cut them out, trace them onto the vinyl, and then cut out the vinyl. That would probably take quite a bit of time but where there's a crafty will, there's a way!

How to get started...

1. Choose your vinyl. Expressions is my go to source for all things vinyl. They have a great selection of colors and types. I chose their Rainbow theme indoor vinyl pack.

2. Layout your design using the Silhouette Studio software.

3. Cut and size your vinyl to the cutting mat. By cutting down your vinyl to size you are able to cut your whole design at once (in different colors) and save the stickiness of your mat.

4. Let the machine do the work and then weed (peel up the excess vinyl). Ta-Da!

As far as how to apply the new labels...

1. Gather your supplies - labels, painter's tape, and something to clean the surface of whatever your going to apply the vinyl to.

2. Clean the surface. All's I had was an alcohol wipe (from the school nurse!) Don't skip this part because if you do, your vinyl won't stick as nicely and then you'll get frustrated (ask me how I know that).

3. Layer the painter's tape over the vinyl label. I used about three strips of tape.

4. Peel the tape up, lifting the vinyl with it.

5. Press the vinyl to the surface of your object. Firmly rub over all parts of the vinyl - I used a credit card.

6. Peel back the blue tape SLOWLY. I like to peel one strip at a time because I can continue to rub the vinyl down and it minimizes accidentally tearing the vinyl (again, ask me how I know).


I think I accomplished big, bold, and colorful!

And then I got crazy with the vinyl. It was literally a "LABEL ALL THE THINGS" kind of moment.

Check it out!

ROYGBIV just makes me so happy.

Team supply bins.
Yep, the pencil sharpeners got the vinyl treatment too!
I actually started incorporating vinyl last year by getting rid of the laminated signs I used to have on the board. Those vinyl words below have lasted an entire school year already and haven't budged an inch.
No more writing the same thing everyday!

Capable, Curious, and Confident are vinyl letters, completed in August 2011

And I'm currently contemplating numbering my desks with vinyl too.

So are you thinking about what you can add vinyl to in your classroom yet? Hopefully the wheels are turning.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer!

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  1. I soooo wish I owned a Silhouette machine! The bins look adorable! Nice, bright & colorful :)

  2. Just bought a Silhouette and now I can't wait to use it!