Friday, July 22, 2011

I am making progress on my to-do list with work on the kitchen.

 My inspiration from the kitchen is coming from the DIY King and Queen over at YoungHouse Love. John and Sherry recently painted their kitchen "grellow", a mix of green and yellow and I absolutely loved it.

I love how bright it looks with the white accents and I thought that I would love looking into my kitchen and seeing an awesome bright pop of color.

But once I got some samples on the wall I realized my space just isn't big enough for such an intense color. A word to the wise, paint samples are our friend. It is better to spend $2.98 on a sample of paint than $25 plus on a whole gallon and then end up hating it. (I currently have two gallons of unused paint sitting in the basement because I didn't like it once it got on the wall...oops) And this time around with painting the kitchen I am glad I got samples because one of the colors I was considering I ended up not liking at all.

Maybe I went with the wrong shade of  "grellow" but it turned out way lime-ier than I liked. I have about 20 other green-yellow shades to consider but they all are way more green. So I think I have decided to go with the bottom color shown below in the picture.
Fresh Cut Honeydew from Glidden. It is definitely yellow but it is more subdued so your eyes won't hurt when you look in the kitchen. Plus, it will complement the color of the cabinetry nicely since those ain't going anywhere. (Yes, I just said ain't.)

Also, I decided I am painting the red tile border white, not black as I previously thought. I tested it out and I didn't like the fact that it took away the white grout lines. So I'm just going to keep it white and clean.

Painting is going to begin on Monday once I finish my final projects for my grad school classes...yay!

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