High Five for Friday

Friday, November 09, 2012

1. Target has some seriously cute Christmas decorations out. I'm finding it hard to resist, but I did and left only with this pic of Christmas cheer.

2. I voted and I'm happy about it.

3. The Thanksgiving flag is flying proudly - who's ready for Thanksgiving break? Only 11 more days....squeeee!

4. I finally made a house management binder. As much as I love things being online/accessible from anywhere I was always writing things out regarding bills, our calendar, grocery list, and other house stuff so I finally put it all together in one pretty place. I feel like a huge nerd when I roll into the grocery store with it but I love the organization it provides.

5. I broke out my mad crochet skills and whipped up some boot toppers. I'm literally having to restrain myself from making them in every color imaginable.

How was your week? Are you already in the Christmas spirit or are you more bah, humbug? I'm ready for the marathons of Elf and A Christmas Vacation to start up! Have a good weekend!


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  1. I want some boot toppers!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!

  2. I want the boot toppers too, so adorable! Are they easy to crochet? I know the basics, probably just a little rusty since it has been years.

    1. I was pretty rusty with my crochet skills too but once I got going it got easier. I recommend finding an easy pattern to follow. I thought mine was easy but the directions weren't very clear. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. those boot toppers are too cute! you should probably make every single color and wear them every day!

    stopping by from the link up! happy friday! xo, sarah grace

  4. Um Hi. Can you make me some of those boot toppers?!?! They are adorable!

  5. Way to hold back at Target. I must say, you are stronger than me in that department. I adddoooorrree everything Christmas! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!


  6. Lovely boots! I agree with you about Target and their decorations. They're wayyy too adorable, so more power to you for resisting the urge!


  7. Love the boot toppers... and the boots, come to think of it!

  8. I love the boot toppers! Do you have a pattern or did you just wing it? I'd love to make some for myself and maybe some as christmas presents.
    I also nominated you for this thing going on called the Liebster Award and all the rules and what not are on my blog but it is basically for smaller blogs of 200 followers or less to help find each others blogs. Kind of fun and a great way to meet other bloggers :)

    1. Thanks! This is the pattern I used http://seevanessacraft.com/2012/08/crafting-on-a-dime-diy-crochet-boot-cuff/

      However, I don't think it was explained very clearly. I think this tutorial assumes you already know quite a bit about crocheting, my grandma had to explain quite a bit to me so that they turned out like the picture.

      Thanks so much for the award!