Day 19: Thankful for Emidoo and Woozy

Monday, November 19, 2012

My sisters, Emily and Lindsey are two of the funniest people in the world. I'm so thankful my family has a good sense of humor. We often can laugh for hours just saying silly quotes from movies. Oft quoted movies when we're around each other: Mrs. Doubtfire, ("Hot jambalaya!" and "It was a run by fruiting!") Emperor's New Groove ("Llama face!"), just about anything with Rob Schneider in it, Road Trip, and countless others.(Yes, we have fantastic taste in movies).

When we were younger we were like any normal set of siblings, squabbling over clothes, arguing who got to use the computer next (ohmygod, the days of only having one we practically carry one everywhere we go with our phones) we really weren't super close.

We all had our own things - me, the family dork who loves school and following the rules. Emily is the exact opposite of me, drop dead gorgeous, athletic, and stubborn as all get out. Lindsey is a mixture of the two of us. I always say she got all the good qualities in the family, smart, athletic, pretty, and funny.

 And I still don't think we are the type of sisters who are BFF but we definitely love one another and are growing closer everyday. It took growing up and moving out of the same house for us to begin appreciating the unique qualities of each other.

Through all the laughs and the tears, I'm so thankful that I've grown up with these two knuckleheads.

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