One Word

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of my assignments this week in my grad. class is to pick just one word to describe yourself and why you picked it.

It was more difficult that I anticipated. There are the laundry list of words I have developed to use during interviews, no joke, have been asked to describe myself in three words or less on almost every interview I've been on - organized, structured, caring. But I was a little late to the pick a word party in my class and those words were already chosen by other classmates.

Did I mention this exercise served as our introduction to the class - hope I didn't come off like a weirdo, but I love being able to include movie quotes wherever I can, even if it is in an academic environment. Below is what I submitted:

"Did anyone else have trouble coming up with just one word? Of course, I asked about everyone and their mom about what word they would choose to describe me and after going back and forth between a few words, I chose industrious.

It means diligent, hard-working, studious, habitually active, skillful ("I don't have money but what I do have are a particular set of skills." I also wish industrious meant can work movie quotes into about any conversation)

I truly honestly like learning, whether it's taking professional development to incorporate new strategies in my classroom or learning how to build my own furniture, once I decide to do something, I research all options, talk about it non-stop, and see a project through 'til its' completion. Results are not always perfect but I keep working until it meets my goals.

I think this is why teaching suits me very well, there are constantly projects to work on - reviewing difficult concepts with a student, designing meaningful lesson plans, learning about new my mind teaching is dynamic and keeps me on my toes constantly."

So what one word would you pick to describe yourself?

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