Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Saturday, January 07, 2012

 The first week of January is in the books and I'm already kicking butt in completing my goals for the new year, well, some of them. Still struggling with getting off the couch after going back to work but I did manage to work out twice this week. It's better than nothing :)
The goal I am kicking some boo-tay on is adding some warmth to our house so it starts to feel more like a home and it is all thanks to my lovely momma and Aunt Cyndi. I guess constantly complaining about how my living room resembles a prison cell leads to some good ideas for Christmas presents.

Chris and I had talked about how we wanted to put a mirror on the wall behind our couch so that the room would appear to be somewhat bigger. And then I saw this neat idea on Pinterest (where else?) and thought it could work on a smaller scale.
Via Apartment Therapy

And since I am constantly blabbering on about what I see on Pinterest to my mom, she went out and found three mirrors from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and wrapped em up for Christmas. We hung them up last week and they look great!

But they were a bear to hang since I have plaster walls. Our first attempts of putting a nail in the wall resulted in a couple of chips and plaster crumbling off the wall. What ended up working was drilling a hole, slipping in a plastic wall anchor, and then using a one inch screw inside the anchor.

It is amazing how just putting the mirrors on the wall instantly adds to the space. Don't you just love junk filled dining table? Unfortunately it becomes a catch all during the week.

In the picture above you can also see my other Christmas gift, a pretty wall clock.

While they are nothing too adventurous they do add something nice to the place. Now I'm on the hunt for a side table, colorful lamp, and some art for the walls. Still contemplating if I am going to change the wall color. Is it ok to paint an entire room after only 8 months? I do keep hearing that it's only paint...

How are you doing with your goals for the new year? Anything to celebrate?

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  1. They look great! I have plaster walls too, theyre a pain. I say go for the paint, it's a quick, cheap pick me up!