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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodness gracious! Has anyone else's new year just been crazytown? I swear it has been go go GO since last week. This week started out with parent-teacher conferences on a Monday (never a good idea) in which a whopping one parent attended. Tuesday was supposed to start off with a 7am department meeting but was cancelled last second but I still got to school semi-early. Today I helped out with the Geography Bee after school. Did you ever participate in the Geo Bee? We didn't when I was in school but I would have kicked boo-tay. 

Needless to say I have been exhausted at the end of each day. I've come home and crashed the past two nights, napping from about 5 - 8:30pm, so of course my sleep schedule is now haywire.

And I feel like I can't shut my brain off. I have really gone into high gear with what I want to do around the house. So in order to try and quell my racing brain, I present the 2012 House List organized by room.

Living Room:

1. Paint - Yes, I have only lived in my home for 10 months. Yes, we painted the entire first floor when we moved in. But I feel like I made a hasty decision in keeping the tan color that was here before. I now want a soft grayish blue but I am afraid that it will make my home look even smaller than it already it. The key will be picking the just the right color. 

Something like the living room color over at Young House Love

I even like this darker gray but it might pushing the limits.
I realize the common denominator between both of the rooms pictured is the immense amount of light streaming in to brighten up the space. Which brings me to my next to -do.

2. Lighting - Even with the huge window in the front of the house we don't get a whole lot of sunlight streaming into the house due to the direction the house faces. And once the sun goes down the current lighting situation sometimes feels no better than candlelight and it is driving me bonkers! Thus there is the need for lamps.

Me likes the idea of putting a side table next to the oversized chair with a bold lamp - I thinking something in turquoise, like this beauty from Target for $49.99 (not exactly my perfect price point)

 And I could even get crazy and add this geometric shade, also from Target.

Also we need a hanging fixture over our dining table sine we currently have a dome shaped fixture that hangs too high and gives off the wattage of a Dollar Store flashlight.

3. Personalization

You would never know who lives in this house because there isn't one single photo of Chris or I. While I don't feel the need to build a shrine to myself, I would like to create a frame wall in the dining room space. Something along the lines of this, including the table.

Via Project Home

 These DIY canvases could also be an option.
Via Make Under My Life

 4. Curtains

I know, I know, I keep going on and on about how I hate my ghetto fab vertical blinds. And how I need to get curtains. I am thinking I'm going to attempt making my own no sew version in a pattern.

I like these from PB Teen.

Master Bedroom:

I've already painted the walls a color I like, a very subtle grey. Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a great bed set that I have been pining over. But it's a wee bit expensive for the entire set.

Via Centsational Girl

And I have an idea up my sleeve involving mod podge, scrapbook paper, and my nightstands. Stay tuned for that one.

Craft Room:

And the idea that has been keeping me up nights...a project table. I want one so badly.

Via Ana White
Anything Pretty has an awesome tutorial on how to build your own using those Cubicals from Target, but I don't know if I can accomplish hammering and nailing, etc. I'm not exactly handy in the construction department.

Via Anything Pretty
 Also some nice wall shelves will help with storage.

Via The Container Store
Whew! I feel a little better now, getting some of my ideas out there. Hopefully in 2012 I will make some of these ideas come to fruition. Just gotta remember, slow and steady.

This weekend I plan on hitting up my first thrift store! I am so excited. I'll be sure to take some pics of anything that strikes my fancy.

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