Heart Wreath?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Martha Stewart Living magazine got into my hands this weekend with a pretty tissue paper pom pom heart wreath.

I thinks to myself, "Self...you can do that, no problem."

The name of the game around here lately for decorations is spend zero dollars, use what I have. Martha must think I'm a millionaire because she suggested using 24 3M adhesive hooks on my wall. 24! No thanks, Martha. So I started thinking what I could use to adhere the pom poms too.

I ended up using a piece of cardboard from a Christmas present that happened to still be down in the junk gym room. Using a sharpie, I sketched out a heart and cut it out with a box cutter.

So far, so free.

I am already well versed in the art of Martha pom poms. After discovering them on Pinterest earlier this summer I made some large and in charge versions for my classroom.

I already had red tissue paper on hand but as I started laying them on my cardboard mat I realized I needed another color. Off to Micheal's I went to purchase some pink tissue paper, which I purchased with a coupon and a 15% teacher discount. Two dollars spent.

I made about 12 pom of various sizes, nothing over six sheets of tissue paper and no larger than 7 inches. Then, using my box cutter I stabbed slits into the cardboard and pushed the wire holding the poms together through, securing the back with a piece of duct tape.

I am making this sound all breezy, like, "oh I just threw together some tissue poms," but it took me about 3 episodes of Law and Order: SVU to get everything cut, folded, and onto the cardboard. I moved things around a couple of times trying to get a semblance of a heart.

What do you think? Does it look like a heart?

I feel like I could be one step away from having "NAILED IT" plastered across my picture.

Via CraftFail

I feel like I need to round out the left side just a bit more, but I'm fine with it for now. I'm sure Chris will come home and ask what threw up on the door.

In full disclosure, I must show you the back of the cardboard wreath.

Totally didn't think about my stained glass door. Yeah, it's a hot mess but I can live with it.

I've got one more crafty Valentine's idea up my sleeve that I hope to finish up tonight. Again, on the cheap for about $7.  Hope to back with that soon, happy Sunday!

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  1. Paint a coat of red over the tape on the back and it will look like a red heart from your side. :)
    Did you try the Michaels at Tesson Ferry & Lindbergh???

  2. I did go to that Michaels and it was awesome! It was small and cramped just like the St. Charles one I love and of course they had exactly what I needed. Thanks for the reco!