What I'm Loving

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm loving that it's Wednesday and I'm sitting on the couch, still in my PJs, and reading my favorite blogs. Oh Christmas break - I love you.

As much as I love Christmas, it was exhausting yesterday. Chris and I got up around 8:30am, opened our presents then headed to my parent's for brunch and then to his parent's house for dinner. We didn't get home til almost 9pm. But it was a lot of fun spending time with both families and of course opening some super sweet presents wasn't bad either.

We all wore white, completely unplanned!

Chris and I both got new phones yesterday. Chris went from dumbphone to smartphone so we spent about two hours on the couch last night in silence playing with all the new features. We got Samsung Galaxy S3s and all I can say is wow. They are pretty darn cool.

I actually got clothes for Christmas this year, which never happens. I'm so excited for my new colored skinny jeans, aztec/fair isle print sweaters, and yoga pants!

I may actually get dressed today!

I'm also excited to thumb through my copy of Young House Love that I got yesterday from the boyfriend.


I'll be spending the rest of the day cleaning up the house and possibly venturing out into the cold to purchase some new cases for our phones. While I love how lightweight they are, I feel like one drop and the phone would be done for.

What are you doing today? Did you get any snow where you live? We didn't get a flake even though earlier in the week were supposed to get like six inches. What a bummer!


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  1. Tell me about the YHL book...........you likey? I'm super curious!