Sunday, December 16, 2012

There are just some things in life in which you can never be prepared for, most likely because they are things in which you think would never happen. Friday was one of those days.

I really don't know how to process all of my feelings about Sandy Hook. I feel sad, scared, angry, and a bit guilty that I still had a fun weekend celebrating Chris' birthday and my family's Christmas.

I am unprepared to answer questions about what happened on Friday at school tomorrow, no doubt my students will be talking. It will be hard to focus.

Something I want to share with my teacher friends out there is this little device I use in my classroom everyday. It's called the Door Blok.

Source: New Management
It was designed by Rick Morris as a way to lessen the distraction of a classroom door opening and closing. However, it also is a perfect way to to keep your door locked on the outside but still accessible during the day. In case there is ever an emergency you can pull the Door Blok off your handle from the inside and pull the door closed knowing it's locked without having to search/fumble for keys or step outside. 

While is something that I hope I never have to use for that purpose, I feel more secure knowing that I have it. You can purchase a Door Blok on Rick's website for $7.

I will be joining many other bloggers on Tuesday in remembrance of the victims...


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  1. I too felt guilty carrying on with my weekend as well. It's hard to grasp even the thought of how the world continues to move forward after something so horrific happened at a place where we promise our children they are safe and loved.

    Each grade level meets with our principal tomorrow to discuss procedures and being a K-4 building, we've been told no discussions about the incident with students. The door block sounds like something I should bring up and purchase for my classroom no matter what.

    1. My principal is coming down to my classroom to check out my Door Blok tomorrow. I honestly love having mine because I know my door is locked all day long and I don't have to think when it is time to act. I just have to pull it off the handle and my door is locked. It's a nice piece of mind.