Last H54F of 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

Can you believe it?

The last Friday of 2012.

High fives all around for a pretty decent year. This Friday rocks because...

1. Loving my new Galaxy S3. I can't believe how much phone technology has changed over the past couple of years. It takes great pictures, has synced wonderfully with all of my accounts, and is all around awesome.

2. Got the matching sheets to our bedding. Matching sheets AND bedding....FANCY!

3. The boyfriend got me new shoes for Christmas, so thoughtful. They got me to go the gym yesterday, definitely feeling the burn!

4. I spent all of Wednesday lounging around the house in my fabulous Aztec-ish  sweater from Old Navy. I would be completely content in wearing nothing but "Cosby" sweaters as the boyfriend refers to them for the rest of winter. And I just might.

5. As of Thursday, I am now 4 weeks cigarette free! Not gonna lie, there have been some rough days but I've really challenged myself to stick with it.


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  1. That's the phone the mister has and he really likes it.

    Go you! You can DO IT! (#5)