12-12-12 and A-ha Moments

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I can't not post on a special numbered day like this one.

12. 12. 12.

It won't happen again until 01-01-2101.

Pretty special day if you ask me!

Unfortunately nothing really special has happened today. Pretty normal actually.

I let my 5th hour watch the clock at 12:12 and they all cheered out loud then went back to work like nothing happened. I only wish I had video of that moment.

Today I taught my lovelies about the Mediterranean vegetation zone and a student asked how I knew that it was spelled with two "r"s. And I told them I remembered the same way I remember that Caribbean has two "b"s - because I would love 2 BE in the Caribbean all the time. Something I taught them when we studied the Caribbean about a month ago.

A student in the back piped up, "OHHHHH, now I get it!"

I couldn't help but laugh.Those little a-ha moments that make you smile. I then regaled them with my a-ha moment, the day I figured out how Burger King's Croissan'wich is actually pronounced. Even though I knew it was a breakfast sandwich on a croissant it never clicked with me that it was pronounced CRUH-SAN-WICH.

Whenever I saw it, I always said it in my head as CROW-ZIN-WICH.

No joke.

And that a-ha moment may have only been about 5 years ago.

You got any a-ha moments that make you just want to smack your head now that you that you think about it? Make me feel less silly and share yours!


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