A Shamrockin' Weekend

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh that post title is cheesy but we all need a little cheese every once in while. I prefer cheddar.

How was your weekend? Mine was jam packed with all sorts of good fun...craft room painting (more on that later), celebrating St. Patrick's Day, dinner and a movie with the boyfriend (p.s. we saw 21 Jump Street and it was freaking hilarious), and brunch with girlfriends. This weekend is probably the most social I have been in months. It really takes a break from work for me to want to get out of the house and actually do things besides sit on the couch and look at Pinterest (c'mon, I know you're guilty too)

St. Paddy's Day is a heavily celebrated holiday here in St. Louis with not one but two local parades that attracted over 400,000 people to the area. My family and I headed to Dogtown (a traditional Irish region of the city) to watch the parade and drink some green beer.

My Mom and I

Little Sis and Me
Dad, Mom, and I in the huge crowd.

Even though the last part of the parade was rained out and it thunderstormed most of Saturday afternoon it was still a beautiful weekend, I even got a bit of a sun burn! (Yes, I know I can get a sun burn any time of the year but it still so weird to have one in March, let alone 80+ degree weather.)

I'm looking forward to a week of catching up on appointments (derm and haircut), some DIY (those boxes I mentioned on Friday), and reading the Hunger Games (I promised my 6th graders I would read it over break.) Goodness I love Spring Break!

Have a great week!

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