Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I stayed home from school today and I am so bored. I didn't sleep well last night due to this awful pain in my shoulder and I have just been feeling like I have been run over by a train. No energy to speak of, napping after school, it just sucks. And is it sad that I secretly didn't want to go because it was so cold outside. Arthritis and cold weather don't mix. I think my arthritis is flaring badly right now due to being overworked, stressed, not eating right, etc.

Eventually I am going to have to go to a full week of school, but that won't be until at least the first week of February. I have a half day next Friday and I am taking a personal day the next week for a couple of doctor's appointments. Now if only for some snow days.... If you ever want a snow day you just need to follow a simple procedure...sleep in your pajamas inside out and backward. It has an alarmingly good track record.

This week at work we started the Biggest Loser contest, I joined in order to motivate myself to go back to the gym more than once a week and to stop eating Lion's Choice every meal. I would like to lose about 6.5 pounds, 3 of which are pounds I gained back from when I originally lost 10 pounds over the summer. I have 7 weeks to reach my goal, which I know I can do if I can just feel good enough to do it. I may be too tired now to get to the gym but I can at least watch what I eat until my energy returns. And I really don't want to let me teammates down...

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