A Good Feeling

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Innauguration Day everybody. It was such an exciting day at school today, we actually got to watch Obama's ceremony during lunch hour and it was just so powerful. We have been studying the Constitution in class and it just gave me goosebumps to hear him talk about protecting and upholding our Constitution...I only wish the kids would have felt the same way, they were just excited to not have to actually be in class for 20 minutes. It definitely would have been cool to be in D.C. today but I think I got just as good experience in my classroom...sometimes it feels so good to be a history teacher when there are events like this to study and celebrate.

I went and worked out today and man have I missed it. No, really I have! The gym was helaciously crowded though so I did a speedy cardio routine and hightailed it back to the house for some strength moves. I miss working out with my personal trainer so much but it is just too expensive for me right now. If I just commit to actually going to the gym even though (insert exuse here) I know I can train myself just like I did with Erin. Our Biggest Loser team at school came in last in terms of percentage of weight lost in our first week, losing a total of 11.5 pounds...I was the .5 contribution to the team...go me! Slowly but surely I'll make a difference. We've got snack day coming up on Friday and I can't wait to make a new healthy recipe, Nacho Popcorn, I hope it is tasty.

Right now Chris and I and another couple are in the beginning stages of a summer vacay.
 definitely thinking beachy, Miami, Tampa...somewhere in Florida. I love researching trips and things but it is just a little stressful to plan a vacation for other people to enjoy as well. I told Chris I can plan a great vacation for me and himbut when I have to consider what other people like it makes it damn near impossible to make any decisions. Hopefully I will be able to get something going soon so I can start working even harder in the gym. 

Goodness, I feel so renewed today, Obama and the gym...great day, tater!

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