And it begins again...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The job search that is... today I officially began looking for a new job for next school year. I'm kind of excited although it is a mentally grueling task. I attended a job fair today and I just can not believe the amount of people that go to these things, I mean I swear that adminstrators there saw atleast 600 people today...that is insane! So many people for so few positions. I definitely liked the adminstrator I talked to today, very personable and at least seemed interested in what I was saying. However, I think I made a boo boo answering a question dealing with common assessments that made me seem like I am not a team player when I so am...I am Miss Team Player! But whatev...hopefully everything will work out for the best this year and I definitely feel more prepared this time around. 

I just got home from lunch with two friends I went to grade school with who I haven't seen in years. It was a lot of fun just hanging out for a couple of hours, catching up with each other, and talking about old time. Hopefully I will get to see more of them.

There is a butt-load of planning I need to today for the upcoming week ahead, a new quarter is starting on Monday which means I have a brand new geography class to meet, it's like the beginning of school all over again, yea! I better get to work, it seems as though this weekend is flying by!

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