The Tool Academy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chris and I had a nice weekend filled with all of our favoritet, movies, drinks with friends and sleeping late :) Friday night we rented two movies, Baby Mama  and My Best Friend's Girl. Both were hilarious, expecially My Best Friend's Girl. I really had to talk Chris into that one because it had Dane Cook in it but he ended up laughing through the whole thing. Although I will give one warning, it is a little crude, but his behavior in this movie will make you laugh in an "Oh my God, I can't believe he just did that" kind of way. 

We also watched one of the best new shows on television called Tool Academy on VH1. This show is unbelievable,  a random group of guys thought they were on a show competing for the title of "Mr. Awesome" but really their girlfriends signed them up for a relationship overhaul because they are complete tools! Chris and I just watched with our jaws hanging on the floor because we couldn't believe men actually acted this way. 
Think of the biggest tool you know and then multiply it by 10, then you would have the contestants on the Tool Academy. They have nicknames, big muscles, and penchant for treating their girls like's tv gold!

Saturday we went to Fast Eddie's in Alton, IL which would have been fun if we wouldn't have had to drive 45 mins to sit outside in the freezing cold and then wait an hour for food! It was just way too crowded and cold to really have a fantastic time, but we all agreed that we would need to make a second trip once it was warmer this spring. After our busted trip we headed back to the city and went Syberg's and that was some drama, let me tell ya. Chris's friends are all about 4-6 years older than me but you would never guess it. Some of the guys he goes out with still get so hammered that they become complete idiots. I don't know what got one of our friends fired up but he ended up getting kicked out for trying to pick a fight, and then he starts trying to fight with his own friends, and then gets arrested! I would love to say that fighting, having the cops called, etc was just a one time thing but this happens quite a bit more that I would like to admit. If I think back to some of our major outings together with Chris's buddies, I can recall at least 3 times where I have either had to call the cops, see punches thrown, or hear 5 girlfriends yelling at their boyfriends to stop being assholes. Never a dull moment when we're out!

It's Sunday again which means I am going to be buried in papers to grade...wonderful. Maybe I should nap first before to make sure I am properly rested so I don't make any mistakes...sounds good to me!

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