Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am in the worst mood since I got home from work. I sometimes just can not believe how rude people can be and it is even worse when you have to work in an environment with rude people. There are a couple people at work that I just don't vibe with...a lot of dry humor, sarcasm, etc. Now I can get sassy but I know when it is appropriate and forgive me for a maybe thinking a little too idealistic but when you don't know someone very well I don't think it is professional nor all that friendly to be so outrageously sarcastic/rude. UGGGHHHHH....anyway, my little unhappy encounter happened at the end of an already trying day so literally I came home and crawled in bed. And to top it all off I feel like crap...stupid arthritis.

Maybe I should revisit my NY resolution and try and work on not being so sensitive and to let stuff roll of my back easier. That would definitely be a challenge but I think my sanity would improve a little more. I hate that my first career is teaching me that I should only look out for myself and no one else... I cease to be surprised at how selfish some can be in the teaching profession. Ultimately, we should all be there for the kids we see day in and day out, but why not be there for each other as colleagues as well? 

Hopefully, it can only get better....

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