Not too it?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I shouldn't be bored because I have A LOT to do but I really wanted a new background for my I hope it isn't too early for a Valentine's layout...I think it's cute. Anywho I am just waiting for Christopher to come pick me up for Wednesday night date, usually he just comes over to watch Top Chef but tonight it is even more exciting because we're going to Red Lobster! I ate good all day so I could be a little piggy tonight..yea!

What are the chances of a "cold day?" Some schools in the area have already called off due to the frigid temperatures and let me tell ya I can definitely join the crowd on this one. Our school has high population of students who walk to school and I can't bear to think of them walking to school tomorrow. Now in my mind I would think as a parent, "Hey it's below zero outside, maybe I should give my kid a ride to school or at least make them wear appropriate clothing." But do parents think that? Well some do, but more times than not, they don't give it a second thought. I actually had a kid wear shorts to WINTER! Crazy ass kids. I feel like such a mom when I have to tell me students to make sure they bundle up and wear their hats and gloves.

I can't wait for da' lobster! I think I might get some scrimp cocktail and some scrawberries!

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