Last Friday of No Work

Friday, January 02, 2009

Wow, a week and half of no work has flown excited as I was to not go to school, I think I am ready to go back and see my kids. I am by no means prepared, haven't thought about any lesson plans or anything for the upcoming week but I bet by Sunday I can hammer something out. It will feel good to get off of my butt and have something to do again, I am sure that feeling will be fleeting as I get stressed out way too easily over lesson planning.

So far my new year has been really lazy, laying in bed and watching tv all day mostly. I felt like crap most of the day yesterday due to the good time the night before at Blake and Amy's. New year's eve is always fun and exciting but I wish the days after were just as much fun. Now there aren't any more holidays until Easter, so the excitement will die down for a little while. As I get older it just amazes me how whole months just pass on so quickly. I feel like my monthly bill payments never have enough time in between each other....I guess that is what happens as you get older...I can't say I am exactly a fan of all this time passing me by.

Tomorrow Chris and I are headed to the Blues game which should be fun since we have never been together. I love finding new things to do together since so often we do the same thing over and over...what can I say? We are creatures of habit...seriously.

I think I finally decided on a resolution for the new year...take more pictures. I used to take pictures all the time in college....maybe because there was always something going on. I make Chris as scrapbook each year as an anniverisary present and last year our picture amount dwindled considerably with not being at school anymore. So, is decidedly so that I will take more pictures this year...that seems very attainable.

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