Tough Mudder

Monday, October 15, 2012

This past Saturday was a culmination of semi-regular training for the boyfriend as he endured the Tough Mudder challenge.

Have you heard of this thing?

It's bat sh*t crazy if you ask me but for some reason he wanted to run around in the mud, get  electrocuted, carry trees, walk through fire, and did I mention run around in mud?

Chris literally had to sign a death waiver to participate that's how intense this challenge is. And someone was air lifted to the hospital during the day so I guess they knew what they were talking about. I even had to sign a waiver as a participant. Tough Mudder is no joke!

Chris wasn't the only crazy one, two friends joined him at the starting line.

This was about two seconds out of the start gate.

This obstacle was called the Cliffhanger, although Chris said most of the hills they had to run up were about this size.

This obstacle was called the Arctic Enema - they jumped into a dumpster filled with ice water. Bags of ice were dumped into the water every 20 seconds from a nearby ice truck. Chris said he almost couldn't breathe because of how cold and shocking it was to his system.

A big part of the Tough Mudder is helping others - it is a challenge, not a race so you're encouraged to help out your fellow Mudder. Chris made it to the top of this half pipe (by running and pulling himself up of course) and was waiting for others to run up so he could help pull them up. Watch the video below to see him in action.

This was another crazy obstacle called the Electric Eel. Yep, he is crawling through electrified wires.

After 10 + miles, 25 obstacles, and 4.5 hours on the course, they finished and were all smiles!

Do you think you're tough enough for the Tough Mudder challenge?

I know that I definitely would suck this up considering while the boys were out killing themselves on the course I was feeding my face a chicken tender basket with a gigantic Coca Cola. But there were plenty of ladies who were right alongside the guys as well as many older men and women.

All in all a pretty neat experience. How was your weekend? Did you have have some good, clean fun?

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