Just One More Post About My Nails

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've been a little nail-centric lately since discovering Sensationail but just one more update...promise, last one I swear.

After a cleaning binge today, I broke two nails which in turn damaged my manicure - so it came time to remove the gel color. I've heard that removing gel nail color can be quite the process and I'm here to say that yes, yes it is. Definitely block out some time to sit...perhaps while an all day Law and Order: SVU marathon is running.

I followed the directions that came with the packaging, buff shine off nails, soak nails in acetone for 15 minutes, then push gel color off nails using a cuticle stick. Besides the acetone fumes it wasn't so bad. It does NOT just fall off as you might hope. It takes time and poking at your nail with a cuticle stick can be unpleasant for some but I didn't mind. I filed the rest of the polish off rather easily leaving my nails pretty rough.

I also tried another method that I had seen online recently...soaking a cotton pad in acetone and placing it on my nail then wrapping in foil.

Honestly it worked the same as putting my fingers in a bowl of acetone to soak, still had to wait, still had to push color off my nails, still had to file off remaining color. So unfortunately no miracle removal trick here.

Over the weekend I picked up a new color, Coral Sunset, a lovely shade for the summer.

And I am pleased as punch at the results. So there you have it, my last (lengthy) post about my nails.

How was your weekend? Mine was lovely - a Brad Paisley concert, b-day party at the park, and movie night with the boyfriend (we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love), a nice preview of my summer to come...only three more days!


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