High Five for Friday

Friday, May 04, 2012

My favorite day of the week is back again and it's time for a link up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk.


Here is my top 5 from this week:

1. Continuing my love affair with Instagram.

2. I have totally forgotten how much fun painting my own nails is! After three years and much consideration I removed my acrylic nails this week. I picked out a new color from Essie called "A Crewed Interest" and slicked on a few coats. Not sure how long I'll keep the new natural look (maybe through the summer) but it's fun for now :)

3. The boyfriend and I signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University which starts in two weeks. I'm real excited to take the class together and have some insight into managing shared finances. Not gonna lie - two individuals sharing a house/bank accounts/etc. is sometimes difficult to manage. Hopefully this will be worth our while - I definitely think we are ready to get a set plan in action!

4. My mom and I went to the Cardinals game on Tuesday night to see a 10-7 victory over the Pirates.  Love spending time with my momma!

5. Thirteen days. 13 days left of school! It's going to fly by. And while I may share my excitement every week about the end of school, I am really going to miss my kids as they move to 7th grade. We had an exceptional batch of students this year...so far my most favorite.

Hope your week has been stupendous, have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. I have a lovely group too this year, and I'm pretty sure I'll shed some tears on the last day. 11 left for us!