High Five for Friday

Friday, May 25, 2012

Goodness gracious it's Friday! Hallelujah!

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This week rocked hardcore because...

1. School's out for summer! Yes, vacation is here and I'm beyond excited!

2. I enjoyed this delectable treat at Thursday night's Cardinals-Phillies game.

Even though we lost it was pretty exciting due to the fact a streaker ran across the field between innings. I won't post any pics/vids here but a quick Google search will show that he was naked as a jaybird!

No streaker in this one...
3. The boyfriend and I are going to rock our faces off tonight at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!

4. I've noticed quite a few new people around here...thanks so much for following! Nice to see I'm not talking to myself anymore!

5. Did I mention it's summer? It deserves two mentions this week because the countdown is finally over and I'm glad to relax for 75 days in a row. I was really sad to see my students go this year, they were a great bunch and will spend my summer days reflecting on our wonderful year and how to improve...mostly while laying by the pool and reading. Yea buddy!

Hope you had a great week and enjoy the long weekend!


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  1. While we were watching the game, the mister said, "I think someone just streaked!" HAHAHAHA! I LOVE that you were THERE!!!!!!

    And congrats on summer vacation!!!

    1. It was quite thrilling. One minute we were watching the Jumbotron the next everyone was screaming - I couldn't get my phone camera out fast enough - I only have video of when after they caught him. I read online that he was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and he said he lost a bet. An OMG moment fo' sho!

  2. how awesome,congrats on it being summer!

    baseball night games are THE BEST!


    happy weekend!

    1. Well thank you kindly and the same to you!

  3. All sounds like fun! Have a great time at the concert, post photos!!

  4. AHH, the Chili Peppers-- have fun! And congratulations on making it to summer vacation! Enjoy your break. :)

  5. Wow, that sounds like quite a week! Yay for summer and awesome concerts :) Happy weekend! xoxo