Weekend Update

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh what a lazy weekend, unfortunately it was more of a forced lazy weekend. My arthritis has taken a turn for the worst with the new medication I am on. Everything aches, my fingers are the size of sausages, and my toes do not bend anymore. I thought I could tough it out but I threw in the towel last night and called my doctor's exchange number, now I am on lovely Prednisone which makes me want to eat EVERYTHING! But I do feel slightly better and I am getting to go back on my old medication, which worked beautifully but did nothing for my psoriasis. So back to the drawing board for fixing what ails me.

I did have a snow day last week but since I felt so awful I didn't do much scrapbooking. But I did make some awesome baked potato soup, it was delicious! My school is getting ready to start its' Biggest Loser competition so I am loading up on my favorite goodies and fast food before I commit.

Tomorrow is another day off for MLK, Jr. Day, and then I really don't teach all this week because of a special program in my class, hopefully I will be able to get ahead this week. My grad school class starts this week, #2 of 10, "Technology to Enhance Learning" I looked at the syllabus and it seems like a repeat of the course I took in the fall. Boo. Also on the to-do list is my summer school course proposal. I can't believe how quickly things are moving, already thinking about summertime.

My goal is scrap a page for Chris and I's book, so pictures to come!

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