Snowed In

Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 and 1/2 inches of snow fell in St. Charles last night and this morning leading to our third snow day. I am all for a good snow day but now were headed into changing up our school schedule if anymore come our way. So hopefully this is the last of inclement weather that will cancel school...I really need my President's Day off!

I had to cancel my doc appointment today due to the roads being in such treacherous conditions so I have to wait in my swollen state until NEXT Thursday, not sure how that is going to work out considering my fingers keep getting worse and I have gained 6 pounds since Saturday when I started the Prednisone! Yikes! How in the world am I going to participate in my school's Biggest Loser competition with drugs that make you hungry? 

I did go outside for a split second to indulge the picture taker that I think am. 

Only the second time Clover had been out today, she took every step with extra precaution.

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