First Weekend '11

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Thank goodness it's the weekend! I have to say as a teacher I feel pretty spoiled sometimes with my scheduled breaks and days off, it is definitely is a perk but after going back to school on Wednesday I feel like I didn't even have any time off. All the stress came right back, there is something going on with me lately that I just can't put my finger on. I am feeling a lot of anxiety over things I really can't control, especially before bed. I keep thinking about accidents that could happen or what things could go wrong. When I sleep my eyes are closed but my brain is still on, I feel like I am having super vivid dreams. This could be attributed to trying to quit smoking. I didn't set out to quit but it has turned into seeing how long I can go. I haven't smoked since December 28th and it has NOT been easy. My car is where I smoke, where I have my ME time. Getting in the car after a day at school and not being able to unwind with my cigarette has been hard, sometimes I feel like I am going to rip the steering wheel off the column because I am so antsy. So far I haven't even reached for the secret stash I have in the console, haven't even peeked. But I get a slight bit of excitement thinking about them. I probably look like a crazy person in my car because most likely I am arguing with myself out loud about smoking or not smoking. I have heard of some crazy things happening when you try to quit smoking, a gal I am Facebook friends with just had to go to the ER because she quit cold turkey and was having severe dizzy spells. Ok, enough about the smoke sticks on to brighter things.

Today I am going with my GF Elyse to try on her wedding dress, yay! She is getting married in May and I am a bridesmaid. It should be super fun! In fact I need to go get ready, back with more soon!

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