Friday, December 03, 2010

If you can't tell yet...I. Love. Glitter. Really, you can't go wrong with a little sparkle added to just about anything. So I give you two new cards using some beautiful DCWV Glitter paper, the first, a white poinsettia. How do you say "poinsettia"? I say "poin-sett-uh" but the website where I saw this glittery little number kept saying "poin-sett-ee-uh" and it bothered me just a little! How I wish I could give credit to the website where I found this but I forgot to bookmark the link, I sorry!

Next up, a snowman card. I want to keep practing my bow making so I tried a new technique of wrapping ribbon all the way around the card. It turned out good I think...but I showed it to my boyfriend and the first thing he says, "that bow looks a little weird."

Thanks honey, thanks.

So anywho, the snowman card with the "weird" bow:

I used the last of my 3-D pop dots on the snowman so it is supposed to look like he is raised off the card.

And lastly, one I made this evening. I regularly follow Everyday Cricut which also sends out a daily email. This card arrived in my inbox earlier this week and was bummed because I thought I didn't have a cartridge that made a banner cut...but lo and behold, tonight while looking at my new Tie the Knot Cartridge I find that it does indeed make a banner, woohoo.

 Again, another bow.

Not going to lie this card was a little bit of a struggle because I was unsure on how to tie the banner without the tied ends showing. I remedied that situation but covering the knots I made with a strip of paper.

I am now up to 8 cards of 10 for my goal for this Christmas season. I know I want to do more with my Jolly Holiday cartridge, there is the cutest set of mittens that I want to cut, maybe do something with snowflakes again. Also, I have something swirling around in brain involving a penguin. But we shall see! I am off tomorrow to do some Christmas shopping for la familia so hopefully I will get some more time tomorrow to post something new!

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