It's December!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In 45 minutes, we begin the last month of 2010...another year has almost passed. It is only logical that I begin to reflect on the events of this past year and all's I can say that there was a lot that happened; I had some great times and also some bad times. This was probably my most difficult year in a long is hard for me to write that last line because I am a generally happy person, I see the positive in most things but I can say whole - heartedly that I was definitely tested many times throughout this year. I look forward to 2011 being a year of growth and hopefully a little less stressful than 2010.

Do you like my December sign above? I made it for the bulletin board at school using my new Winter Woodland cartridge that I scored 60% at Michael's on Thanksgiving night. I am definitely getting better at layering my shadow cuts. I also cut out the cutest wintery house to put on the board too but I want to wait 'til I am all finished with the entire scene I am making before I post it.

This weekend I hope to finish up making the rest of my Christmas cards to send out on Monday. After my craft extravaganza last weekend I am getting a little quicker with the creative process. I do hope to finish up my Christmas shopping this weekend...I did quite a bit yesterday with Cyber Monday but nothing crazy. Is anyone asking for anything special this year? I was surprised that I was able to come up with a few things that I wanted..usually I struggle with putting a list together. Of course I always want clothes but I doubt anyone would be brave enough to pick out some for me. Something on my list that I really want is a the new Zumba Fitness Wii game. I love to Zumba but is so hard to get to the gym, I think this would be the perfect thing to have at home. So hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge to any family members reading :)

Let's hope for some snow this weekend, it would be the perfect way to start out December!

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  1. I love Zumba too! This game sounds like fun. Let me know if you get it- I want to know if it's really as fun as the picture on the cover of the game suggests!

  2. From the reviews on Amazon it seems like it is good as going to a class at the gym...the same calorie burn and sweat that you would normally get. I am really looking forward to playing on Christmas break if I get it :)