Afternoon Craft Project

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alright, I believe this is the last project that I can squeeze into my Thanksgiving break.

I saw these beautiful ornaments on Everyday Cricut. They were super simple to make and rather inexpensive as well, I bought a 4 pack of glass ornaments at Michael's 50% off (they ended up being about $2.50) and glitter for .99 cents Although I should have used really fine glitter for better results. Martha Stewart Crafts make a great fine glitter but it is a little expensive...$4.99 for a small container (More than I want to pay for glitter!) And then I purchased the Pledge floor cleaner from Home Depot for $8, I had no choice by to buy a really big bottle and I used about an ounce of it to make 4 ornaments.

The results:

I plan on using my Cricut to cut some adhesive vinyl and personalizing some these for my girlfriends.
This purple one is my favorite, I like the bow!
Tomorrow is back to school time and I have a lot of planning to do...a week's worth of lessons as well as grades to import. I will have to put the crafts on hold for just a short time but I will be back with more!

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