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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am an avid reader of many magazines, one being US Weekly. I love the "25 Things You May Not Know About..." article they run each week with a different celebrity, so I thought it might be fun if I give it a try, here goes!

1. I have a fear of balloons popping.

2. I like to collect things, over the years I have collected ink pens, beanie babies, and "Got Milk" print ads (all grade school collections.

3. I have always wanted to learn how to play the steel guitar.

4. Actually, if I had genie grant me one wish, it would be to be able to play any musical instrument (and sing) as good as a professional without any lessons. I figure I could use that kind of talent in a lucrative way.

5. I hate lettuce.

6. My dream profession (at the moment) would be a professional scrapbooker.

7. I won a "Most Beautiful Baby" contest in 1986.

8. My sisters and I can have an entire discussion in movie quotes.

9. I have worked as a food expediter, sales representative, grocery story cashier, bra fitter and now currently, a 6th grade teacher.

10. John Mayer is my favorite musical artist and I have seen him in concert 4 times. That man knows how to play a guitar and I think he is hilarious.

11. My 7th grade English teacher told me I would grow up to be the voice of a cartoon character. I am kind of sad that hasn't happened.

12. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 15.

13.I could shop at Target every day of the week, I could shop anywhere every day of the week.

14. I will try any mascara once, my current favorite is Revlon's GrowLuscious mascara although DiorShow Blackout is my all-time favorite.

15. This post has taken me over an hour to compose.

16. I have never sang karoke but dream about doing it often.

17. My boyfriend and I met when we were both presidents of our sorority/fraternity in college.

18. I've never gotten a professional massage and I have had a gift certificate to get one in my purse for 3 years.

19. Christmas is my favorite holiday, I listen to some Christmas music throughout the year.

20. Tiny holes grouped together freak me out (think like a honeycomb or the toothpaste commercial where they zoom in on a tooth at a microscopic level). It just makes my skin crawl.

21. I have a birthmark shaped like Australia.

22. I love Jack in the Box $1 Funnel Cakes.

23. I am a fast reader (especially when I am interested in the topic) When I do read books I can finish them in a couple of hours.

24. I've never read the Harry Potter or Twilight series.

25. I cried and called in sick to work when my computer's hard drive crashed.

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