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Saturday, December 18, 2010

This evening I am attending a cocktail party at a girlfriend's house and thought it might be nice to bring her a hostess gift. I know...I feel so adult, long gone are the days of showing up with just a case of beer. And I am proud to say my idea was all my own! I bought an inexpensive bottle (under $10) and removed the labels by soaking the bottle in hot water.

Over Thanksgiving I brought the Tie the Knot cartridge which has an awesome monogram feature. Using my DesignStudio I welded together the hostess' initials

 Then I cut out the mongram onto white vinyl so it would stick to the wine bottle. I used the Provocraft brand and got it from Wal-Mart, cheap and easy! This was my first time cutting vinyl so I thought it would be a little harder but to my surprise it was just as easy as cutting paper. I followed the directions that came with the package of vinyl, setting my blade depth to 6 and pressure to 2. It was so easy!

After the Cricut did its' job I removed the excess vinyl and left the actual cut on the backing. Since the vinyl works like a sticker it is important to leave it on the backing until you are ready to use it. Now, Provocraft makes transfer tape that takes your cut from the backing to your project without any fuss, but I didn't feel like spending another $10 so off to Google I went to find an alternative and wouldn't you know it,YouTube user nancy10nl suggested painter's tape. Well, I had a roll of that lying on the kitchen table (no really, I did!) and it worked just like transfer tape.

 And voila! I have my very own, personalized hostess gift in under 30 minutes! I can see me making more of these for quick gifts to give.

 The middle of the bottle.
 The monogram stretched around the bottle, so here is one side view.
 And the other.
 Well, off to go get ready for my party, back with more soon!

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  1. Sara...what an awesome job you did here! I love etching on the dark glass...very "grown-up" indeed!
    Tanya - FCCB
    Nonna's Craft Corner