You're the One That I Wheat

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I made it through day 1 of no gluten. Surprisingly it was not that bad. By the end of the night I was jonesin' for my favorite gluten laced snacks- which for me is usually something like a Pop-Tart, powdered donettes, or bowl of cereal which are now off limits so instead I ate some strawberries with Cool Whip and called it a night.

My meals for the day looked like this:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and sugar free Jello. I only ate the Jello because the eggs made me gag - I made them a bit too runny and my palate just said no.

Snack: Mozzarella string cheese.

I didn't eat lunch.

Dinner: Sam's Club rotisserie chicken, baked potato, and roasted broccoli. I've never made broccoli before, I'm not sure if I'm a fan just yet, may take a few more tries before I can honestly say, "I like it." I really missed having a piece of jelly bread with my dinner. Sad face.

Snack: Strawberries and Cool Whip.

Can I just say thank goodness potatoes are a gluten free food. They are my favorite food group are going to be heavy staple the next two weeks. I already ate one for lunch today.

While I know that going gluten free is not some miracle cure and it definitely won't work overnight but I was a little bummed at how awful I felt yesterday. I kept joking with Chris that it must be the gluten leaving my body. My feet swelled up and my back was aching something fierce.

In other news, I finally got my hair after a year hiatus. Surprisingly, I didn't have to get much cut off like I thought I would. And my package from Wayfair just arrived. I can't wait to put it together and post some pics!


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