Progress Report

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's check in time with Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter! July is just about over and I will say I did a pretty good job at completing some but not all of my goals.

The biggest task completed: 12 hours of grad school credit!

HOLLA! I may have only just finished my classes on Wednesday but they are done and I'm ready for a nice little pay raise when I return to work in August.

I also found some time to get crafty in July, prettifying my teacher toolbox steal.
Washi tape is my new jam, it's going to be all over my classroom this year.

The pool and I got acquainted in July but unfortunately we didn't become BFFs. Three trips total including one at a million dollhair mansion. Gotta love when the boyfriend's mom housesits for Richie Rich!

My birthday is only 20 days away and so I did update my wishlist on Pinterest. Can't wait to ease the pain of turning 28 with some retail therapy.

Things that didn't get accomplished: going to the gym 3x a week and updating the bloggy blog. But there's always next month!


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  1. All of these blog posts came rolling in just this morning from you (via my reader). I feel like I'm catching up!!!

  2. Sorry to flood you but I figured out last night that my feed hadn't updated since April! I had no idea what was going on but I should show in your reader from now on!

  3. Excellent job! The toolbox rocks, I'm pretty excited about the rest of this washi tape classroom, you have to post photos of what else you do with it!

  4. 12 grad school credits is an awesome accomplishment!!! Keep it up girl! I've been seeing all of this washi tape loving going around but I haven't given in yet with my crafting, loving that toolbox.