Currently Reading: 40 Days of Dating

Monday, July 29, 2013

As an avid visitor to Buzzfeed I often find myself perusing a variety of fascinating videos, articles, and lists (love me a good list!) The other night they linked to 40 Days of Dating and I immediately was engrossed.

The premise: Two friends (Jessica and Timothy) who both happen to be single at the moment set out to date for 40 days as an experiment.
The rules: They must see each other every day, go on three dates per week, go on one weekend trip,not see anyone else, and go to couples counseling.

The website chronicles each day, sharing one day at a time from each of their own point of view. The website launched July 10th and you can currently read up though day 22, which was actually April 10, 2013.

Overall I have enjoyed reading each of the entries. It is intriguing to read how each of them interprets the other's actions, words, etc. And I would like to think they are being pretty honest because some of the stuff they share about each other and themselves is pretty cringeworthy, like ohmygoodness I would be too embarrassed to share that on the interwebz!

If I was using my Magic 8 Ball to predict if Jessica and Timothy continue dating after the experiment concludes it would probably say, "Very doubtful". While they are both creative types and share a few things in common they just seem out of sync.

But who knows?! Maybe they finished the 40 days totally in love with one another and they eloped to some totally hipster place.

Even if you're not interested in reading their entries, the artwork for each entry is worth a look.

What are you reading lately? Share anything I should check out in the comments. I'm trying to cling to my last days of summer by trying to pretend I don't have a to-do list that's a mile long.


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  1. I heard about this site! Haven't clicked over yet, but maybe I will now!

    I just picked up The Night the recommendation of a friend. And all books by Gillian Flynn are a must. Just finished Sharp Objects. SO GOOD!!!