High Five for Friday

Friday, July 19, 2013

While I'm slightly REALLY blue that there are only TWO Fridays left of my summer vacation here are a couple things that were awesome about this week:

1. A Cardinal's win before the All-Star break!

2. Two grad classes finished. Only two more to go. By Wednesday. #queenofprocrastination

3. My parents hosted a crabfest complete with homemade cheddar bay biscuits that I dare say were better than Red Lobster! P.S. I hate salad but I enjoy picking out the croutons.

4. Crabfest also included a red, white, and blue drank and glow sticks. It's automatic party when glow sticks are involved.

5. Had a blast at the pool yesterday with this little one, my second cousin Callie Mae.

I'm off to go bury my head in the books for the weekend only stopping for Dr. Pepper breaks and the Card's game on Saturday. Have a great weekend!


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