Fireworks and a Fruit Bowl

Monday, July 08, 2013

We had a blast this weekend!

Chris had the weekend off so we made the most of it. Friday night we took a walk around the neighborhood and ended up at Target.

Of all the things to buy at Target, we came home with a fruit basket. Seriously.

But it is one of those purchases you make not knowing how much you needed it until you have it. Our fruit just sat on the counter, all willy nilly, taking up too much space. Now, it's contained. And it rocks my world.

Saturday - we got up bright and early to snag a spot at the largest pool I've ever seen.

And it was just a pool, not an aquatic center, with slides and kiddie pools. It was literally a one acre plain ol' swimming pool with a diving board.

It didn't even have lounge chairs. It reminded me of the pool in Sandlot, very 1960s....I was just waiting for a chubby kid to do a cannon ball and splash everyone!

After the pool, we came home and barbequed.

Pork steaks, brats, and burgers were on the menu. The good thing about cooking almost 10 lbs of meat at once...dinner is made for the rest of week!

We finished off the weekend with an awesome neighborhood fireworks show.

Sunday was spent on the couch watching silly countdown shows on the History channel and True Blood - I still love that show after all its craziness!

This upcoming week is filled with workshops and grad school classwork, easing myself back into school mode one day at a time.

How was your weekend? Were you go, go, go or did you have a lazy weekend?


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  1. A one acre swimming pool??????? WHOA! We have to report back the 8th. Less than two weeks away.