Chevron Flag Paper Craft

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Imagine my astonishment this morning when I looked at the calendar and saw that tomorrow is July.


I may have had a mini-meltdown before breakfast, "But I haven't even been to the pool yet! School practically starts tomorrow!"

When I finally calmed down I remembered that the Fourth of July is coming up and I should probably decorate.

After browsing Pinterest for ideas and saying 'Merica for a half hour I decided to get all patriotic with a simple chevron flag design. Is the chevron craze over yet? Hope not, cuz I'm still digging it!

I didn't want to spend all afternoon creating something so using supplies I had on hand - red,white, and blue scrapbook paper, scissors, a ruler, tape, and a spare frame I put this together.

The easiest way for me to cut the zig zag shape was following this tutorial from A Simple Kind of Life. I didn't think I would need instructions on such an easy task but sometimes my brain likes to make simple things difficult. In about 10 minutes I had my lines drawn and ready to cut.

Then I just arranged the chevron strips of paper in lines that resembled Old Glory, taped them down, and there you go!

 Anyone else have a lady love for Sabrina Soto? I could watch the High Low Project all day long!
I debated on whether or not to add stars but figured that would have to be cut pretty small and wouldn't make much of an impact.

So in about 25 minutes of drawing and cutting I have a simple, patriotic frame to add to my tiny window ledge.

Did you decorate for Independence Day? I love celebrating the Fourth with a good BBQ and watching fireworks. Hopefully we will head to the river front this year to see some pretty ones!


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  1. This is really cute and simple. I am having a party this weekend and looking for a couple more easy (i.e. don't have to buy) decorations. I might try this.