High Five for Friday

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday!

I would say this is a great week because:

1. Today is the last day of summer school.
2.  It is finally "summer" weather. 90 degrees and sweltering is kind of my favorite.
3.  I've eaten fast food and drank beer this week without gaining any weight.
4. Chris and I celebrated 7 years as the most awesome couple ever

5. I'm playing in my high school's alumni softball game tomorrow. Excited to have fun and see old friends but I'm not sure if this is great or depressing...out of high school 10 years...yikes.

I'm really a little miffed right now....I went to the Cardinal's game with my mom, dad, and youngest sister last night. Probably my 10th game of the season. Never in my life have I felt more picked on being a girl at the game. Two different instances of men sitting near me chose to comment on either something I said or did during the game.

I assure you I'm an intelligent woman and can hold my own when discussing the Cardinals.

However, the old man in front of me found my question about why people were cheering during a Cubs home run to be the most asinine thing he'd ever heard and had to turn around and glare at me. Like you would have thought I just clubbed a baby seal right in our seats the way he looked at me.

Now to be fair - should I have realized it was the Cards/Cubs - a long standing rivalry and there are quite a few Cubs fans in attendance? Sure. However I was already a few beers  in and the common sense wasn't as quick as I would have liked.

Sue me. I did not deserve a public stinkeye.

A second guy behind me in the 7th decided to tap me on the shoulder and address my phone use during the game - I had texted Chris about the assface in front of me and also used the new video feature on Instagram. I'd also browsed FB between innings. Nothing excessive. Maybe he was trying to be funny but it was the wrong time after the stinkeye incident.

Newsflash dude. I'm capable of doing more than one thing at a time. I don't have ADD like the rest of America and can successfully pay attention to a baseball game and send a text message at the same time. Oh, and I can also listen in on your conversation about how sad your life is.

And plus...it's none of yo' business. (He even said he had been reading my text messages.....uuuuhhhhhh CREEPER ALERT!)

Needless to say, that guy apologized.

I think if I would have been sitting with Chris, no one would have said a word to me. Such BS.

UGH. Whatever.

I don't think I've ever bitched about something this much on the ol' blog but sometimes you just gotta let it out!

Hope you're having a much better day, have a great weekend!

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