What's Your Favorite Lake?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's been quite the busy day around these parts. I kicked off my day by getting to school super early to help a co-worker learn some fancy tricks with her SMART Board.

I don't mess around when it's below freezing.
It's cold at 6:15 in the AM.

Then it was on to a department meeting - everyone is in a tizzy because we are adding a new team. It's all "who's gonna teach what?" and "I heard such and such..." at school right now. I try not to get sucked into the drama but who am I kidding, I want to know what's up!

After our department meeting it was on to a PLC meeting designing our latest assessment for Southwest Asia and North Africa. Thank goodness for time to plan!

You may be thinking, does this woman teach any kids or just go to meetings all day? Well, yes, the kids finally arrived at 10:20am. We have a delayed start once a month to work with other grade level teachers in our content area.

After buzzing through six 25-30 minute classes in which we reviewed for our quiz tomorrow by playing an exciting game of tic-tac-toe (no, seriously, it was super exciting). The students have known about the quiz for over a week I still had to answer the question, "What is the quiz over?" Sometimes I am pretty sure I'm talking to the walls. SMH.

One more meeting, plan time, then supervising after school detention. It amazes me that students, when given a choice between reading or twiddling their thumbs, will often pick twiddling.For. An. Hour. I may have made about 5,000 other suggestions of how my detentioneer could have been using his time but nope, sitting and staring at his hands it was. Hrumph!

The most exciting part of my day...an emergency trip to the eye doctor! I haven't been in years...pretty sure I haven't been as an adult. But today was the day I made my triumphant return because I've been having the the weirdest flashing sensation in both eyes and I couldn't see! It lasted about an hour and a half today and was kind of scary.

By the time I got to the office, I was no longer experiencing any symptoms but felt a little off. Turns out I experienced an "ophthalmic migraine aura"  without getting the migraine.The same thing happened about a month ago and didn't result in a migraine that time either. So I guess I'm not going to get headaches any more just some temporary blindness...but, I'll take that over a migraine any day!

While examining my eyes, the doc was making chit chat and noticed I was decked out in school gear. He asked what I did and when I replied "geography teacher" he responded with, "What's your favorite lake?" At first I thought he was trying to test me, like does this chick who thinks she's about to go blind really know what she's talking about?

After about a second more of contemplation, the answer sprung to my head.

"Lake Titicaca of course!" (It's every 6th grader's favorite lake once they learn about it during our Latin America unit.)

We both cracked up laughing.

Good ol' Lake Titicaca.

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