High Five for Friday

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vacations are just fabulous.

Except when they end.

Which is where I find myself today. The final week day of my oh-so-short spring break. But H54F is about celebrating the good, finding the positive in our week, so that is what I shall do.

1. My sister is studying to be a teacher (and is having to complete way harder assignments than I ever did as an undergrad). We spent some time together at a Native American Pow Wow. It was neat to do something we've never done before and the dance contests we witnessed were unlike anything we've ever seen. Pretty cool.

2. I've been listening to JT's new album on repeat. Don't care that every song is an indulgent 7-8 minutes. Love.

Source: Spotify

3. I've been a crafting fool working on projects for my mom, like these cute Minnie Mouse glasses for my cousin's daughter and my sister's boyfriend's daughter.

I'm also working on a gigantic Cardinal's wreath that I hope I can finish before Opening Day and some engraved mugs for cousin's wedding.

4. Got in some clutch friend time this week, dinner with my best gal pals, Ash and Elyse. And visited my friend Jody and her adorable twins today. It is amazing how much they have grown in three months. Like weeds I tell ya.

5. The New Girl. What have I been missing?! I started watching around the end of January and decided I would spend a portion of spring break catching up on back episodes on Hulu. Thursday I was able to watch all of season 2. This show is hilarious! And I'm a big fan of Nick and Jess - that kiss after the True American game made me a little weak in the knees....woo wee!

Bonus: It was our 2 year house anniversary yesterday!
Left: March 21, 2011 Right: October 2012

How was your week? Anyone digging on some new JT or catching up on new to them shows? Have a great weekend!


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