High Five for Friday

Friday, February 22, 2013

This Friday is extra special.

It was a SNOW DAY!

And it was snow day NUMBER 2!

I really was stunned when we got the call last night for the 2nd day off but after going out today I could see why, so many people were still getting stuck in snow banks and what not.

Here's what a snow day looks like in St. Louis...

No joke. This is what I woke up to Thursday morning. No school and no snow. So why a snow day? Well the good people of St. Louis are not the best drivers in inclement weather, whether it be rain, sleet, or snow, we suck at driving in all of it. So with the predicted snow/sleet combo that was supposed to arrive mid-day, most schools in the area were proactive so no one would be out in the worst of it. Unlike last year when I spent 4 freaking hours trying to get to school after an overnight and unexpected ice storm. I still have nightmares.

By about noon it was starting to look a little bit more like a snow day...

Besides going to the gym yesterday, I have parked my happy little butt on the couch for most of the day.

Hulu has been responsible for most of laziness - I caught up on New Girl and for some reason started watching episodes of The Office - mostly ones that features Pam and Jim's relationship...they're adorable. I've also gotten Chris hooked on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal which were both on last night. I don't know what I would do without the television. Or really the internet since I can watch almost all TV online now.

What else rocked about this week besides only working two days? I finally enrolled in 3 hours of graduate credit to start towards my Masters + 15. I plan on taking 12 more hours this summer (blegh) so I can get a pay raise at the start of next school year.

Chris surprised me with some Cardinals Opening Day tickets - it's practically a holiday here in St. Louis and we've never been so it should be fun.

This weekend I am getting crafty for my cousin's bridal shower and celebrating a friend's 30th b-day - thank goodness I've had two days off to prepare.

What are you up to this weekend? Catching up on any missed tv? What shows are you hooked on right now? Something you should do is go check out the link up over at From My Grey Desk. Have a great weekend!

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  1. YAHOOOOOO for TWO SNOW DAYS! Me too!!!!

  2. We had a snow day last week too! Totally was in my high fives too. And New Girl is my favorite show ever. It's so precious!