Frenzied Friday

Friday, February 15, 2013

Yay! It's Friday! I have so much energy today that it has lead to me being an organizing fool - so far I have balanced my checkbook, cleaned my classroom, finished report cards, planned lessons, and now writing this little diddy.

*I didn't number my pictures today so I am starting with the biggest and moving counter-clockwise

How was your V-Day? I was so surprised that Chris got me flowers yesterday (sometimes Chris just doesn't do presents - I think I have finally made him realize after six years that this girl LOVES her presents, I mean really, who doesn't love getting presents from the person they love? NO ONE, that's who!) I made him some delicious Gooey Butter Cookies which surprisingly he hasn't ate all of...yet.

Do my lips looks a little different? Gotta love co-workers who bring fun presents for the holidays, haha!

Chris has also recently been spending a ton of time on this website called TheChive. While I haven't visited it, I'm currently referring to it as ManPinterest because he texted me the Attila the "Hun-ey" card yesterday and posted the "Hungry" quote to my FB (Me + no food = no bueno). He is in denial that he is engaging in Pinterest like behavior.

My hair is getting sooooo long. My cousin, Lauren and I were discussing our hair problems while out on Saturday which lead to this exasperated pic.

Go check out the other wonderful Friday posts over at From My Grey Desk. Hope you had a great week and an even better weekend!


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