Stay at Home People

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Oh why oh why can't winter break last just a few more days?

That's right. Students are back in my classroom starting tomorrow. What kind of cruel joke is to have two days of school after winter break?

I would much rather start fresh on a Monday. Oh well. While most of you are snuggled warm in your beds tomorrow morning, I will be braving the single digit temperatures to review the physical features of the western hemisphere. Don't be jealous...

The boyfriend and I have been joking around with the idea of being "stay at home people". Since we don't have children, we can't say "stay at home mom/dad" so we would just be people who stay at home, taking care of ourselves and our home. It really is a fabulous idea if you have a significant other who can support you. I'd be able to go to the gym whenever, all of my meals perfectly planned and prepared, and an immaculate home.

The problem is both Chris and I want to be "stay at home people". That whole lack of income thing would be an issue.

I'm still in a winter break state of mind so I spent most of the afternoon cat napping and blog reading.

A list has been forming in my brain of all things I want to purchase because I have serious gift card money burning a hole in my pocket. I'm one of those people that thinks about purchasing things, then goes to visit them at the store a few times, possibly even puts the items in my cart, takes them for a stroll around the store but then ultimately puts them back to be purchased another time or sometimes not even at all. Do you ever do that or can you just throw things in your cart with out thinking about it?

My current wish list:
- Spandex work out pants
- Cute measuring bowls
- New grading pens
-  a haircut
- new socks

There is something about the new year that makes me want new staple items even though I have plenty of said item, like socks. If you only saw my sock drawer you would think I'm crazy for wanting more socks.

I finally wore the Old Navy sweater I got for Christmas. I'm in love. It will probably make an appearance every week until it gets too warm to wear. Luckily my classroom resembles the tundra most days because of the crazy air conditioning so I should be able to wear until at least April. Yesssssss.

Well, I suppose I should start preparing myself for tomorrow....hrumph!

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