Loving Lately

Monday, January 07, 2013

Over winter break I found some new blogs and things that I'm currently digging and wanted to share.

Nice Girl Notes
Roo Ciambriello is hilarious. I stumbled across her site and quickly found myself going through many of her posts. "The Emergency Empanada" had me almost in tears, I too, have found myself face to face with crazy seagulls demanding food, although I only had to protect myself and my french fries, not my entire family.

Our Freaking Budget
I'm a budget minded gal while the boyfriend is not so much. It is fun to read about a like minded couple who got on the same page and are now sharing their words of wisdom with the rest of us. It is a relatively new blog, but some great tips to wrangling that "freaking" budget.

If you're an Android user that loves looking at a pretty home and lock screen, check out Pattrn. It has thousands of wallpapers to choose from but the best thing, it has a setting that changes your wallpaper for you everyday...it's a nice little surprise!

All the fun Valentine's ideas on Pinterest, makes me wanna be all crafty.

So what am I missing out on? Share your favorite online obsession as of late in the comments!


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  1. Oh dear. I just downloaded Pattrn. I'm in love. Thanks!

  2. I love it too! What chu want to know about social spark? I'll email you tomorrow!