High Five for First Friday of 2013

Friday, January 04, 2013

Kicking off the year right and linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to celebrate the first Friday of 2013!

1. Yeah, I complained about going back to work, but at least it was a 3 day work week and I got to see my wonderful co-workers. I'm so glad I like the people I work with. Above is my teammate, Andrea.

2. Chris and I rang in NYE together by cooking one of our favorite meals, steak and baked potatoes. Unfortunately, our stove is on its last leg...after cooking our meat for over 30 minutes (and it should have only taken about 5-6 minutes a side) it was still really rare, like pretty sure it-was-still-mooing rare. I was so hungry I ate it anyway.

3. I've stuck with one of my goals for the new year, removing my makeup and washing my face every night. I'm so motivated because I splurged a little and bought some new face care from Bare Escentuals - thank goodness for gift cards.

4. In "can't-believe-I'm-sharing-this" department, I shampooed our living room carpet on New Year's day. Oh. My. God. It's like I sucked up coffee from the carpet. So glad it is cleaner now, but I think I'm going to start shampooing it monthly.

5. My first sponsored post was accepted by Social Spark! It should be appearing here today sometime. Here's to trying something new in the blog world!

How was your week? Are you back to work yet or still enjoying winter vacation? Luckily next week I have a half day scheduled for Friday for a doc appointment so I won't have to get through a full week just yet.

Have a great weekend!


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